Group Lessons

Join a group music class and discover a new instrument!

Group lessons are a fun, social and affordable way for you and your child to try something new. Learn the fundamentals in a group class at Penrith Conservatorium before transitioning into private lessons!

Our group classes are available for:

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Early Childhood Music Classes

For toddlers and their grown-ups

Bounce, clap, wiggle, and boogie your way to a musical life! Our much-loved group music classes are a superb way to introduce your young one to all things musical.
La-La Lambs (1.5-3 yrs)
Musical Monkeys (3-5 yrs)

K - Y3 Music Classes

Instrumental classes for young beginners

Start your music journey in our beginner instrumental group classes. As well as teaching basic skills and techniques, we teach the core musical skills that students need to succeed.
Group Violin (5-8 yrs)
Group Keyboard (5-8 yrs)

Y4 - Y6 Music Classes

Group classes for young beginners

A fun, easy way to pick up a first or second instrument and further your child's musical skills!
Penrith Strings (7-12 yrs)

The Travelling Show

Group Lessons

Music Classes at your Centre

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