Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Individual Lessons, Ensembles and Group Classes

Please read the following Terms and Conditions and contact Conservatorium Admin if you have any questions before booking.

Penrith Conservatorium | 02 4723 7611 / 0437 468 068 | conservatorium@penrith.city

Payment & Enrolment

Payment of fees must be made before participants can attend course sessions.

Missed / Cancelled Sessions

Refunds for sessions missed by participants are not available.

Commitment & Discontinuing

Penrith Conservatorium Ensembles and Group Classes require a commitment from all participants to participate.

New participants to Penrith Conservatorium Ensembles or Group Classes are required to commit for a minimum of two weeks. If after their second week a new participant wishes to discontinue, then a refund will be given equal to the value of remaining sessions in the term. New participants who discontinue after their third week are not eligible for a refund.

Returning participants to Penrith Conservatorium Ensembles, once enrolled, are committed to attend to the course for the entire term: returning participants who choose to discontinue are not entitled to refunds of payments.

Trial Lessons

Penrith Conservatorium does not offer trial or casual lessons for its ensembles as our course structure does not suit casual or drop-in attendance.


By enrolling in a Penrith Conservatorium Ensemble you:

1. Authorise staff of Penrith Performing and Visual Arts Ltd. (PP&VA) to seek out emergency medical attention for your participant in the event of an emergency;

2. Understand that Penrith Conservatorium Ensemble staff and tutors accept no responsibility for the supervision of participants outside official session times;

3. Agree to indemnify PP&VA and its staff against any personal loss, injury or damage to property that may result from participating in the course or sessions;

4. Consent to the photographing and/or recording of your participant during Penrith Conservatorium Ensemble sessions and related activities for the purposes of promoting Penrith Conservatorium now and in the future.