Penrith Conservatorium of Music
Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Penrith Conservatorium of Music, an esteemed institution that fosters a passion for music and nurtures artistic talents. An entity of Penrith Performing & Visual Arts Ltd., the Conservatorium provides a diverse range of individual tuition and group courses tailored to meet the unique musical aspirations of our students.

Our Terms and Conditions have been designed to ensure a harmonious and enriching learning experience for all enrolled individuals. We kindly request that you thoroughly review and comply with the following provisions, as they govern the enrollment process, responsibilities, and the conduct of both students and guardians.

Should you have any queries or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact Conservatorium Management. We look forward to embarking on this musical journey with you and fostering a lifelong appreciation for the art of music.

For more information, please contact Penrith Conservatorium Management:

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1. Enrolment

a) Enrolment is accepted solely for the entire duration of a single Term of tuition. Penrith Conservatorium’s Term Dates can be found online at:

b) Late enrolment may be accommodated at the discretion of Penrith Conservatorium of Music, and its acceptance is contingent upon the availability of the relevant Activity/s and Tutor/s.


2. Fees and Payment

a) All students are required to make advance payment for all scheduled Activities, including but not limited to Private Lessons, Group Lessons, Ensembles and Auditions. Before commencement of any Activity, it is mandatory for students to remit the complete Term Fee, which encompasses:

  • the stipulated charges for all scheduled Activities; plus
  • where payable, the Administration Fee.

b) The Administration Fee:

  • applies only to Students enrolled in Private Lessons; and
  • is charged once per Term per Student; and
  • is non-refundable.
  • The fee  is $12.00 in 2024, and is reviewed annually.

c) Payment must be made for the full invoice amount, by credit card online or in-person at the Conservatorium Office.

d) Students seeking late enrolment must remit the full fee for any Activities to be undertaken within the current Term subsequent to the date of enrolment, including where applicable the Administration Fee.

e) In the event that a Student’s account remains in arrears, the Student shall be precluded from receiving further tuition until the outstanding payment has been settled. Any lessons missed due to non-payment shall be deemed billable and subject to standard charges.


3. Correspondence

a) All payment correspondence must be directed to Conservatorium Management and not individual tutors. It is strongly encouraged to communicate such matters in writing, and you may do so by emailing


4. Missed Activities

a) If the Student is unable to attend a scheduled Activity:

  • The Student must promptly notify Conservatorium Management; and
  • No refunds or credits shall be issued.

Where the missed Activity is a Private Lesson, in exceptional circumstances the Tutor may choose to offer a catch-up lesson at a mutually convenient time for both parties (namely Tutor and Student). The provision of catch-up lessons is made at the Tutor’s own discretion and is not guaranteed by Penrith Conservatorium of Music.

b) If a Tutor is unable to conduct an Activity:

  • Conservatorium Management will duly inform the student, parent, or guardian; and
  • The Tutor will endeavour to reschedule the missed Activity.
  • If rescheduling proves impracticable, Penrith Conservatorium shall issue a Credit Note to the Student in accordance with 5. Refunds.


5. Refunds

a) If a Student intends to withdraw from an Activity/s and notifies Conservatorium Management in writing at prior to COB on Friday of Week 2 of the ongoing enrolment, the remaining term fees shall be eligible for a refund. The first two weeks of any enrolment are nonrefundable.

b) Enrolment cancellations after Week 2 do not qualify for refunds.

c) The Administration Fee is non-refundable.


6. Discontinuing Students

a) Students are automatically reserved for the subsequent Term to facilitate the seamless operation of the Conservatorium. If a student does not intend to return for the upcoming term, it is imperative to notify Conservatorium Management in writing at before the conclusion of the current term.

b) In the event that the required written communication is not received, additional administration fees will be applicable.


7. Duty of Care

a) Parents/Guardians bear the duty of care and are accountable for promptly escorting their child/children to and from their designated classroom. Conservatorium tutors and staff retain the right to deny entry to any person who displays inappropriate or risky behaviour.

b) Upon enrolment, students/parents/guardians are required to inform Conservatorium Management of any pertinent medical information that could affect the student during lessons.

c) Students must provide the contact details of at least one emergency contact person to Conservatorium Management. This information will enable us to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the students while in our care.


8. Code of Conduct

At Penrith Conservatorium of Music, we strive to maintain a safe and respectful environment for all students, tutors, and staff members. To ensure a positive and enriching experience for everyone, we have established the following Code of Conduct:

a) Respect
Treat all individuals with courtesy, respect, and consideration.

b) Professionalism
Engage in professional and appropriate behaviour when interacting with tutors and management.

c) Rudeness and Threatening Behaviour
Rudeness and threatening behaviour towards tutors and management will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

d) Termination
Any instances of rudeness or threatening behaviour will result in the immediate termination of enrolment without the possibility of a refund.

By adhering to this Code of Conduct, we foster a supportive and harmonious learning environment for everyone involved at Penrith Conservatorium of Music. Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining these essential values.


9. Legal

a) By enrolling in any Activity/s or course/s at Penrith Conservatorium of Music, you acknowledge and agree to indemnify Penrith Performing & Visual Arts Ltd. from any personal loss, injury, or damage that may arise due to negligence on the part of the Student.

b) By enrolling in any Activity/s or course/s at Penrith Conservatorium of Music, you grant Penrith Performing & Visual Arts Ltd. permission to utilise images of the student engaged in Penrith Conservatorium activities for publicity and promotional purposes. Should you wish to opt out of this provision, please notify Conservatorium Management in writing at, expressing your preference to abstain from such usage of images. Any photographs featuring you or your child, which have been utilised in our promotional materials, can be made available to you upon request.


10. Privacy Policy

At Penrith Conservatorium of Music, we are committed to safeguarding the privacy and confidentiality of our valued customers. This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use, and protect your personal information within our booking system and when disclosing student contact details to tutors upon request.

a) Information Collection and Use
We collect customer information exclusively through our secure booking system. The data we collect may include but is not limited to names, contact details, and relevant student information required for course enrollment and administrative purposes. This information is solely used to facilitate seamless communication, manage bookings, and provide exceptional educational services.

b) Data Sharing
Penrith Conservatorium of Music does not share customer information with external entities, third parties, or unauthorised personnel. Your personal data remains within our internal systems and is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

c) Tutor Access to Student Contact Information
In certain cases, tutors may require access to their student’s contact details. As such, tutors can request this information from Conservatorium Management. However, this access is strictly limited to ensure that personal data is disclosed solely for legitimate educational purposes and is not misused or shared beyond the context of the educational relationship.

d) Data Security
Our systems employ industry-standard security measures to protect customer information from unauthorised access, disclosure, or alteration. Our booking system utilises encryption and other security protocols to ensure your data’s safe storage and handling.

e) Consent and Control
By enrolling in our courses, you consent to the collection and use of your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy. You retain control over your information and may request updates, corrections, or the removal of your data from our systems at any time.

f) Compliance with Laws
Penrith Conservatorium of Music adheres to all applicable laws and regulations governing data protection and privacy. We take our responsibilities seriously and continually monitor and assess our privacy practices to uphold the highest standards.

g) Changes to Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy may be updated periodically to reflect changes in our practices and services. Any modifications will be published on our website, and customers will be notified of any significant changes. Please contact Conservatorium Management with any concerns, questions, or requests related to your personal information. We value your trust and strive to provide a safe and enriching musical experience for all our students.

More information on our Private Policy can be found online at:


11. Agreement

By enrolling in any Activity/s or course/s at Penrith Conservatorium of Music, you acknowledge your acceptance and agreement to abide by these Terms and Conditions. We endeavour to provide an inspiring and supportive educational environment, and your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines will contribute to the collective success of our vibrant musical community.


For more information, please contact Penrith Conservatorium Management:

Phone: 02 4723 7611 | Mobile: 0437 468 068 | Email: