09 Feb - 30 Mar
50 Minutes

Group Violin Lessons (K-2)

Group violin lessons for young beginners!

For young beginners with no experience, learn the basics of the violin.

Along with being introduced to the instrument, your child will also learn music theory, aural, rhythm, and general music skills as a part of this class as they enjoy peer learning.

All students will need to bring their own instruments but we have violins of various sizes available for hire if you are not quite ready for an investment in the purchase of a new violin.

What’s included:

  • Music introduction
  • Singing, rhythm, music concepts
  • Introduction to the instrument
  • Music theory and music reading
  • Pizzicato (plucking the strings)
  • Bowing skills
  • Care of the violin
  • Aural, rhythm, and notation

Cost: $160 (Creative Kids Vouchers accepted)

Recommended ages (but not limited to): 5-8 (Yrs K-2)

2021 Course Dates

(Mid-term enrolments welcome)

  • Term 1: 9 February to 30 March (8 weeks)
  • Term 2: 4 May to 22 June (8 weeks)
  • Term 3: 27 July to 14 September (8 weeks)
  • Term 4: 19 October – 7 December (8 weeks)
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