Performance Enhancement & Anxiety Management

Performance Enhancement and Anxiety Management

Hypnotherapy & NLP Coaching:

Performance Enhancement & Anxiety Management with Amanda Handel 
  • Want to see your child happy and thriving? 
  • Something hindering you or your child from flourishing?
  • Do you believe deep down that you’re capable of much more than it appears?

Musicians, writers, artists, actors, dancers, students … remove self-doubt, fear and procrastination. Are you totally exhausted and frustrated with all the stress involved by investing more willpower, more practise and more effort into mobilising your child’s projects (or your own) with disappointing results?

There are more effective ways to go about achieving success with learning and realising goals.

Source your innate potential and experience your excellence!

For people of any age, any level.


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Modalities used in consultations

Performance Enhancement and Anxiety Management


Hypnotherapy is a deep physical and mental relaxation process entered into, whereby a state of intensified attention and receptiveness is reached thus “by-passing” the critical faculty of the conscious brain. In the “trance” state, the client’s unconscious mind receives suggestions for changing old behaviour patterns and replacing them with specific directions for current desired outcomes. These are given by the practitioner on the client’s behalf to enlist an agreement between the client’s unconscious mind and their conscious desires. The client always hears the practitioner’s voice, and is always in control of the situation. The work is effective because it is based on the universal qualities and prime directives of the unconscious human mind. Some are listed here:

  • *to save, protect, maintain, and heal the physical body
  • *to store and organise all memories and emotions
  • *it is the domain of imagination, emotions and creativity
  • *it works on the principle of least effort, finding the path of least resistance
  • *it enjoys serving and needs to have clear positive desires to do so

NLP: Neuro-linguistic Programming

NLP is a model built on a combination of the best elements from earlier empirical models of psychology. The title Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) encapsulates the three main components involved:

  • *The Nervous system through which experience is processed via the five senses
  • *Language and non-verbal communication which organise our internal representations of our world, and give meaning to them
  • *Developing awareness of our neurological Programmes and how to utilise them consistently in ways which foster excellence in order to achieve our chosen goals.

Essentially NLP explains how we process information from the outside world, create an internal representation of it, and respond physiologically and emotionally to arrive in certain “states” which subsequently influence behaviour and shape personality. The NLP model is used in business, education and therapy to achieve constructive change, employing the language of the mind to consistently realise our desired outcomes.

Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique is about learning how to cooperate with human design so that we can enjoy our life pursuits, and are able to realise our goals with comfort and physical ease. The learning involves developing awareness of ourselves, and of a very particular physiological relationship between our head and spine which facilitates optimal movement.

The Alexander Technique is used to change harmful and ineffective physical habits which eventually manifest in chronic pain and injury. The undesirable behaviours and habits are usually caused by some form of negative thought or fear which lies hidden from the person’s awareness. The practitioner is trained to detect where the misdirected effort and energy lies and to direct more constructive thinking and moving. Technical problems for musical instrumental players are often due to the player having an inaccurate internal map of their body, and non-constructive practising habits. People are given instruction on more healthy and efficient ways of thinking and moving with their instrument and/or voice.

About the Consultant

Amanda Handel


Amanda is a composer, pianist, singer and teacher with extensive experience. She has thriving teaching practices at the Penrith Conservatorium and Katoomba. She has also taught harmony, analysis and composition at the University of Western Sydney.

While Amanda’s musical life began with classical piano, her knowledge and experience now extends into jazz, flamenco and Latin American genres. Her long engagement with flamenco encompasses both dance and voice. She also leads Canto Latino Tango Quartet as vocalist.

Amanda has released two piano-based CDs with both albums receiving excellent SMH reviews and extensive ABC radio airplay. Her music is described as “hauntingly beautiful, creative, cohesive and compositionally advanced”, “…engaging and evocative, seductive with a Spanish tinge, and a lot of grit”. She has also written many works on commission from various performers and arts organisations for festivals and recordings, and some of her music appears in AMEB publications and syllabi.

After noticing a change in the nature of her students’ needs over the last decade, Amanda has been investigating alternative ways to work with people whose difficulties and desires are not addressed by traditional teaching methodology. Being first drawn to the Alexander Technique, Amanda has been informally implementing its tenets very successfully in her studio. However, many people have difficulties with learning and performing which stem from deeper unconscious obstacles. To address this, Amanda has since extended her professional training and practice to include Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). She is now offering individually tailored consultations at Penrith Conservatorium working specifically on Performance Enhancement & Anxiety Management.


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