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Young Composers Program

Penrith Conservatorium of Music is delighted to announce that Timothy Ford will be part of the Young Composers Program this year.

This program is an initiative to support emerging composers in Western Sydney, particularly in Penrith Local Government Area, by providing them with opportunities to improve their craft, have their music performed and receive feedback from industry professionals.


Timothy was born in the North of England in 1999. Having grown up with acapella community choirs run by his mother Jacqui, he has been immersed in music and sound from a young age. Some of his earliest memories are of playing air guitar to classic rock songs on the radio.

At age 6, Tim began learning classical guitar, this early start to his musical education allowed the initial sparks of love for music to take hold, resulting in the burning fire that is his passion for music today.

In 2015, as part of his Music GCSE, he wrote an original piece of music titled ‘Fox’s Glacier Mints’, which was performed and recorded by a professional string quartet and submitted as his final assessment. He received an A*.

After moving to Australia in 2017, Timothy is now studying Composition at the Australian Institute of Music. His greatest passion is film music, and he hopes to compose soundtracks for blockbuster movies and television shows when he completes his studies.

“I want to tell stories through music. When your eyes are glued to the screen, and the gripping intensity and power of the on-screen moment are being fuelled by the incredible soundtrack behind it all… that’s what I dream of creating… a pure emotional response to a story, through the medium of music.”


Commissioned by Penrith Performing & Visual Arts for the Richard Bonynge Ensemble (RBE), ‘The Hornsounder’s Tale’ by Timothy Ford is inspired by a protagonist from the popular book series ‘The Wheel of Time’ by Robert Jordan. The piece in three movements follows the story of the orphan boy, Olver from a young age to his final battle as he summons legendary warriors from history to fight against evil, by the sounding of a magical horn.

In order to develop and workshop the work with RBE emerging musicians, Tim will work closely with Penrith Con Manager and RBE Artistic Director, Brian Kjim, as well as a team of mentors.

‘The Hornsounder’s Tale’ will be performed as part of ‘Time Present / Time Past’ later this year, which also features additional pieces by 2 Australian composers.


Established in 2021 with the goal to enrich the community through music, Richard Bonynge Ensemble (RBE) is an elite ensemble comprising some of the finest young talents from Penrith Conservatorium of Music and Penrith Youth Orchestra.

The Ensemble provides an opportunity for serious and skilled early-career musicians to work with industry professionals through workshops and mentoring sessions, and collaboration with professional chamber ensembles to develop solid performance and musicianship skills.

Bringing together experienced musicians and mentors with young, talented instrumentalists, the ensemble strives to create its own distinctive style and culture.

The Ensemble performs a wide variety of repertoire, from well-known pieces, long forgotten pieces that deserve revival as well as new works from local emerging composers.

Penrith Conservatorium of Music, housed at The Joan has enriched the lives of the local community for over 30 years through its passion for excellence in music education and performance. The conservatorium has an ongoing commitment to developing and nurturing local talent by offering pathways for students to pursue a professional career in music.

The following programs are available.

  • Workshops and ensembles for emerging musicians and vocalists
  • Commissions for emerging composers
  • Emerging Musician program
  • Arts administration training
  • Stage and orchestral management training

For more information and to send an expression of interest, please contact us at conservatorium@penrith.city.