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In our Tutor Spotlight series, we learn a little more about the team behind the music!

Yasmin is a soprano with a passion for classical, musical theatre and classical crossover music, having completed a Bachelor of Music (Vocal Performance) at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 2018. Yasmin has been teaching both singing and piano to many individuals of all ages and vocal styles since 2016. She has taught music for her own business as well as Griffiths Music School and Cadence Music.  She has a great interest in vocal pedagogy and maintaining optimal vocal health across different styles such as pop, jazz, classical and musical theatre.

She avidly follows the teaching practices of the Swedish Italian School of Singing (David Jones Voice Studio) and is passionate about nurturing the voice to be produced as comfortably and effortlessly as possible, releasing vocal tension through the development of a healthy vocal technique. She always begins voice lessons with warmups specifically designed to engage proper breath support, resonance and vocal registration. She enjoys breaking down vocal science in a really simplified way that children and teens understand.

Focus is placed on creating a fun, calm and safe environment for learning which is more about building up the students’ confidence and joy with singing rather than pressure and judgement. With this approach, she has prepared multiple students for their AMEB grades and HSC, with one of her Year 12 singing students having come first in her cohort for HSC Music in 2021 and another receiving full marks for her vocal performance. Yasmin has also sung for numerous engagements, perhaps most notably on Studio 10 in 2019 and 2021.