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Rebecca Hilder (Voice)

I started my music training in a Bachelor of Music Education degree course at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, then continued into a Diploma of Opera, planning to head into performance at a later stage. However along the way I discovered a real love of helping people learn about their vocal instruments – finding their vocal security, enjoying their own sound, being able to sing songs they’ve always loved, and learning to develop an instrument they often never realised they could control. I really enjoy trying to find the key that opens up vocal possibilities for students – the right technique, the right song, the right approach that fits their personality, their past experiences with music, and their hopes for their voices.

During lessons, I work on establishing a good basic technique for all students, no matter what their chosen musical style. From there we can stabilise their vocal instrument, discover and start tackling problem areas, then start developing their tone. All this is done through songs that we choose together: it’s important for students to work in styles they enjoy and feel ‘safe’ in, rather than trying to find their sound in a song they don’t like or a style they don’t want to sing in. I actively plan each student’s path of development – voices are as individual as the people who own them, so each person needs different ideas, inputs and technical approaches to help grow their skills and sounds.

It’s a constantly evolving process that I find completely fascinating and rewarding, and I look forward to continuing here for a long time into the future!