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Clare Richards (Voice/Violin)

Clare began her own musical education on the violin at The Joan in 1996 with teacher Natalie Forbes, so returning to develop her own studio in the place where her musical training began, has created a lovely full circle moment.

For the past three years Clare has been building her studio with a growing number of students making up the next generation of vocalists and young violinists, as well as coaching adult musicians with an already established love and appreciation for musical practice. Clare’s teaching studio has an emphasis on developing a strong technical foundation, the importance of music reading and theory, as well as generating a passion and interest in the story each piece of music has to tell. Her own experience with OCD and anxiety has inadvertently shaped her teaching method into one that explores the impact mindset can have on our playing and performance, as well as facilitating a greater understanding of each student’s individual learning needs. In the last 12 months, Clare has celebrated student successes across AMEB exam results, a first in HSC music, and university admissions.

As well as one on one tutoring, Clare’s experience of choral repertoire provided her with the opportunity to vocally direct the Inspire Choir – a project with community at it’s heart, which has brought a whole new group of singers to the Penrith Conservatorium, and has indeed created a wonderful community of kindness, and musical appreciation within itself. Clare has also been leading the Early Childhood Music program during her time at the Joan, which has been imperative to her development as a music teacher, and has brought about a fantastic amount of joy. It is so lovely to be in a position to share the love of music with people so new to it.

Clare values very highly the connection music brings about, takes great pride and responsibility in the development of each student across her entire teaching portfolio, and greatly appreciates the support her students and their families give to music education.