Speech and Drama Teachers

Speech and Drama Teachers

Who knows when you might need to deliver a TED talk? Be prepared!

Learn to communicate effectively in public speaking, presentations and speeches. Perfect for young children and adults alike, students of speech and drama will explore various styles of texts from different genres and eras. From formal political speeches and soliloquys, to inspiring poetry and even stand up comedy – learn to motivate your audience, to make them laugh and to move them to tears!

Students needing to build on the confidence and skills for their school speeches and presentations will find this class extremely useful.

For young adults: public speaking and leadership go hand in hand – be prepared to face the world to convince and inspire your peers, friends, colleagues and bosses in the boardroom. So much of an effective speech is in the timing – hone this skill and integrate appropriate movement and gestures to stress a point and learn to cater to you audience and performance space.
Working in small groups or individual lessons, you will have the optional opportunity to undertake a more formalized approach through the AMEB (Australian Music Education Board). Complete exams and attain higher levels, consolidate your knowledge and skills – just get better and better!

Move over Toastmasters!


/BA Theatre (Theory & Practice)

/Dip. Ed (Drama & English)

/Association Dip. (Speech & Drama)

Lyn specialises in teaching speech and drama, with her qualifications including a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Theory and Practice, a Diploma of Education for Drama and English, and an Association Diploma for Speech and Drama.

With over twenty years of teaching experience, Lyn has enabled many students to achieve highly in the Australian Music Education Board, Trinity College and the Australian Speech Communication Association exams.