Music Therapy and Special Needs

Our tutor Tania Rose provides private music lessons for students with special needs, disabilities and music therapy. We are happy to comply with any paperwork necessary as required by NDIS.

For more information, please contact us on:

Phone: 4723 7611

Our Tutor: Tania Rose

Dip Counselling, Cert Life Coach, B Arts Psychotherapy (2019-present)


Tania Rose is a passionate Teaching Artist with over 28 years of experience in special needs and access creativity in the Performing Arts. Tania works with both children and adults who may be atypical, specialising in developing learning and experiential programs for students based on their individual needs, and providing experiences which facilitate personal growth and development through creativity.

Tania’s enthusiasm for individual creativity is driven by a desire to provide ongoing opportunities in creative expression for students of all ages and abilities who may require or desire an unorthodox or improvised approach.



As well as being an educator Tania Rose is a professional performer, songwriter, composer, and counsellor practicing across a range of creative modalities including music, theatre, visual arts, dance-theatre and creative therapies. Tania also works with professional performers and creatives who seek new ways to explore their creativity and improve their professional experience.