Drums Lessons

Got that rhythm? Twirl those drum sticks… and more!

Learn to rock to Coldplay or become a budding percussionist in the Penrith Youth Orchestra! Heavy Metal inclined? A true classical musician? There’s a place for you!

We teach:

* Drum Kit (Contemporary, rock, jazz, heavy metal)
* Djembe (African drumming)
* Orchestral Percussion lessons
* Bongos

Drum Teachers

Alex Whichello

Alex Whichello

Alex was always surrounded by music and benefited greatly from his families decades of professional musical experience. Over the years he has worked with many instruments (guitar, bass, domra, mandolin, voice, drums and more) in almost every aspect of music – recording, producing, mixing, performing in bands, dous, solo and even building and maintaining instruments, across a broad range of genres from rock to classical.

Alex has an AMus A through the AMEB and over 25 years experience in studying and performing music and 17 years of teaching experience. His teaching style focuses on relaxation and bio-mechanical advantage for technique but most importantly feel and passion for music. Although moving to specialise in stringed instruments, Alex has maintained his drum skills throughout and is perfectly suited to teaching beginner and intermediate drums.

  • AMus A