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Practise Tips from Alex Whichello (Guitar & Drums Tutor)

Having trouble practising?

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Stop thinking about it as something you HAVE to do and think about is as something you GET to do. The words you use to think about practise affect how you feel about doing it.
  2. Set practise goals you care about – it doesn’t matter what goal you set, or how small, but you must care about and want a result.
  3. Set the goal of picking up your instrument and doing anything on it, once per day, no time limit. Could be 10 seconds or 30 minutes, could be a song, scale, chord or note – just something, anything.
  4. Take your instrument out of its case and put it somewhere you will see it all the time. Cases, stands, any kind of setup is your enemy. You need to have the impulse to play and have the instrument in your hands and playing in less than 30 seconds.
  5. Watch and actively listen. YouTube is one of many great resources for information and inspiration, whether its lessons, songs, gear talk, tone talk, theory – if its music then it should be part of your practise culture.

Remember we are trying to make interacting with music a habit. Like brushing your teeth, it should feel weird if you haven’t done it in a while. Start small and don’t worry about how fast you’re learning. Grow your practise over time, as you get better at the skill of practising you can refine it but first, we have to plant the seeds.

Want to talk more about it – shoot me an email: a_whichello@hotmail.com