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Penrith Conservatorium – Growing our musical future

Penrith Conservatorium, housed at The Joan, is driven by a passion for local musical excellence and has enriched the lives of our community for nearly 30 years.

The Conservatorium offers a number of highly sought-after local scholarships through a competitive application and live audition process; recognising future potential and provide aspiring students the chance to take their gifts to the next level. Conservatorium Scholarships provide local students the opportunity to work with highly qualified teachers; receive subsidised tuition, experience musicianship and ensemble activity; and gain access to The Joan’s family of artists, mentors, courses and concerts.

We are proud of the students who receive our Scholarships and due to the overwhelmingly high standard of applicants this year, we awarded ten scholarships.

Some of our 2019 Conservatorium Scholarship Recipients

Thank you also to our sponsors who are proud to make it possible to offer an opportunity not otherwise possible to a diverse, talented young people.

If you would like to champion musical excellence and creativity locally, please consider giving to the and provide local students with local opportunities to attain musical prowess.

Please contact Joanne Grenenger, Relationships Manager: joanne.grenenger@penrith.city if you would like to find out how you can enhance our musical future.