Silvy Medal 2021

Valda Silvy, OAM


Valda Silvy, OAM has been a tireless champion of young emerging artists and composers and has the respect and admiration of all in the music industry. She has made many great contributions to music in Western Sydney, including founding the Penrith Conservatorium of Music almost 30 years ago.

The Silvy Medal 2020

The SILVY MEDAL is an annual student award since 2019 that honours the work of Valda Silvy, OAM, who has been instrumental and highly influential in shaping the musical landscape of Western Sydney, and in particular the Penrith region. The Medal acknowledges the tireless efforts of Valda Silvy and recognizes the musical potential and dedication of one emerging musician at Penrith Conservatorium.

The Silvy Medal is an annual encouragement award for excellence for any student (no age restriction), nominated by their tutor, who they believe is deserving and will benefit from the recognition and the prizes of the concerts included in this medal. Since 2019, the medal has been awarded and presented at the Conservatorium Concert followed by a performance by the recipient.

Criteria and Prizes

The criteria for nominations are:

/Be a current student at Penrith Conservatorium
/The student is nominated by their teacher
/The student must have completed at least one full year of individual tuition at Penrith Conservatorium
/Open to all ages
/Must be available to perform at the Conservatorium Concert


We are on the search for our 2020 Silvy Medalist!

Penrith Con tutors will nominate one student, and we will be in touch with the nominees. In 2020, similar prizes to the ones offered in 2019 will be secured, subject to confirmation of shows for the 2021 season. Due to COVID-19, we are unable to confirm any prizes to specific shows at this stage.

The Prizes

The recipients of the Silvy Medal receives tickets to various shows, performances from partners and affiliated organisations to encourage their love of music and learning. 

Past prizes included:

/Double passes to a Sydney Symphony Orchestra performance

/Double passes to an Australian Brandenburg Orchestra performance

/Double passes to an Andrew McKinnon production

/Double passes to a performance at The Joan

Each year, prizes offered will be similar to some of the above. Due to the impacts of COVID-19 and the postponement of many arts organisations, shows and performances, we have been unable to confirm prizes. 

Past Silvy Medal Recipients

2020 Recipient

Kaleb Irawan – 2020 Silvy Medal Recipient


Congratulations Kaleb! We are proud to award you as the recipient of the 2020 Silvy Medal. Kaleb had been nominated by his tutor, Eugenie Tamplon in acknowledgement of his consistence and hard work across 2020. In his application, he stated:

“If I win the Silvy medal, the award will make me proud as well as my parents and my
teachers to win such a prestigious award and encourage me to learn even more
instruments so I can become a better musician. I have worked very hard to claim
this award which will result in helping my music career grow and benefit.”

Well done Kaleb! We hope this will inspire you to continue your music journey.


Watch him play here:


2019 Recipient

Jessie Kristyono – 2019 Silvy Medal Recipient



Congratulations! Jessie was nominated by her teacher Teri Everard-Hughes before being selected as the first recipient of the Silvy Medal. Her dedication and achievements in not only music but also her violin achievements impressed Penrith Conservatorium and this prize was awarded her in the hopes that it will continue to inspire and encourage further music learning.


/Double passes to a Sydney Symphony Orchestra performance

/Double passes to an Australian Brandenburg Orchestra performance

/Double passes to an Andrew McKinnon production

/Double passes to a performance at The Joan


Our Sponsors

Want to be in the running for the 2020 Silvy Medal? Simply enrol in private lessons at Penrith Conservatorium – all eligible students are automatically in the running, provided the criteria are met. 


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