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John Hines (Piano)

John received his Associate Diploma in Music Teaching (Piano), from the NSW Conservatorium of Music in 1983, after which he studied for a Master’s Degree at Adelaide University and a Bachelor of Primary Education Studies at Charles Sturt University. John has been teaching Piano and Music Theory for over 25 years as a private teacher and music specialist in primary education. As a pianist, he specialises not only in the standard “classical” repertoire but also in jazz improvisation and composition and is an active member of the Hawkesbury Jazz Society.

Many ensembles, including several Australian Symphony Orchestras, have performed his compositions. He believes that, in addition to a sound pedagogical approach to teaching, lessons must be sympathetic to each student’s personal tastes and musical preferences as much as possible and that, above all, a positive teacher-student relationship is essential for children and adults.



A.D.M.T (Piano), M.Mus., B.A. (Primary Education Studies)