20 Oct - 08 Dec 2021
40 Minutes

Big Fish (4-6yrs)

Group music classes for Pre-K kids that takes their imagination on a fancy!

Entering an exciting world of music, this Big Fish class allows Pre-K* children to take their first foray into the groundwork for music lessons. We focus on activities for children who may wish to begin learning an instrument soon, or undertake private lessons in the near future. A purpose built class, more inline with musical activities children might experience in in a kindergarten class – as well as providing a high energy environment to help build their confidence for starting Big School.

With introductions to music terms, symbols and more complex instruments, your child will learn basic music concepts as they engage imaginative play and movement to strengthen more neural pathways for their ever-learning brain!

*Pre K – For students who are, or may be willing to independently participate in a musical group learning environment. Ability to follow activity instructions, and are becoming more confident in their social skills. Only for children enrolled to start school in 2022. 


Location: Orchestral Room 2

  • Term 4: 20 October – 8 December (8 weeks)

Activities included

*Creative movement, in pairs, groups with equipment/props synonymous with music concepts e.g. high/low or legato/staccato

*Introduction and listening to music from different genres and cultures, composers or different instruments – basic analysis and verbalising observations.

*Age appropriate introduction to songs with call-and-response, echoes, imitation and instrument play

*Instrument play and dances/movement to accompanied instrument patterns, with building awareness of musical phrasing and structure

*Imaginative play through music and movement, storytelling, vocal development and listening

*Development of basic music concepts, notation and vocabulary

Skills & Benefits

*Enhanced foundation for literacy skills, contributing to phonological awareness, language for effective communication and vocabulary

*Developing more focused attention in readiness for school

*Stronger self and peer awareness, refined listening skills, group cooperation and self-control

*Creativity exploration

*Development of cognitive, sensory, gross and fine motor skills

*Increasing pitch accuracy, memory recall, and sequencing abilities

*Strengthened neural pathways and brain connections used to integrate new learning, make decisions, and think critically

Big Fish (4-6yrs)

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