22 Feb - 10 Dec
60 Minutes
$100 per term

Music Theory (8-12 yrs)

Tuesdays 4:30pm

Now Enrolling for 2024!

Welcome to Music Theory!

Finesse your musical craft through understanding the inner structures and context of the works you play or write. Music theory is a crucial part of performance skills, helping you recognise patterns between different pieces, recognising the reasons certain music are the way they are, and understanding how to combine old ideas to create new ones.

Students planning to sit their AMEB theory, musicianship, and music craft exams, and those serious about truly understanding music will benefit from this course.

What’s included:

Introduction to the key concepts of music and how they all relate

  • Pitch
  • Duration
  • Texture
  • Structure
  • Timbre
  • Dynamics & Expressive Techniques
  • Context

Basic skills in musical ‘language’: reading, writing, and understanding

  • Intervals and rhythm
  • Clefs, keys, and scales
  • Metre and form

Basic harmony of the European Common Practice Period (~17th-19th centuries)

  • Cadences
  • Identifying chords
  • Voice-leading

General overview of musical history and trends in European music

  • Instruments of the symphony orchestra
  • Popular ensembles throughout the times
  • Famous composers and their impact
  • Differences between Baroque, Classical, and Romantic musics

Cost: $100 per term (8 classes)

Recommended ages: All ages

2024 Course Dates

Day: Tuesdays 4:30pm

Location: Ensemble Room 2

  • Term 1: 20 February – 9 April
  • Term 2: 14 May – 2 July
  • Term 3: 6 August – 24 September
  • Term 4: 22 October – 10 December

Mid-term enrolments are welcome!


About the Tutor:

Finn Pursell

Finn is an accomplished pianist and composer with more than 10 years of teaching experience. A specialist in Baroque harpsichord repertoire, Finn studied piano with German Diez and harpsichord with Dr. Fred Hammond. He has given recitals as both an accompanist and soloist, including a performance with the American Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Leon Botstein, and more recently three significant solo all-Bach programs. He completed his LmusA in 2016 and holds a Masters of Music and Ph.D from UNSW Sydney.

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