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Eugenie Tamplon (Piano)

Eugenie Tamplon is an experienced pianist, accompanist and a passionate educator. Born in Russia she began her music education at the age of six. After moving to Germany she continued her piano studies under the guidance of Prof. Peter von Wienhardt at the Conservatory of Münster and completed her education with a Bachelor of Music (performance) and a Master of Music (education) in 2010.

Eugenie received further musical impulses from renowned pedagogues and musicians like Prof. Gregor Weichert, Prof. Ilya Scheps, Dr Fritz Butzbach, composer Ulrich Schultheiss and has been awarded first and second prizes at the “Jugend musiziert” competition in Germany.

Eugenie moved to Sydney in 2010 where she is highly in demand as a teacher and accompanist for exams and auditions. She works with students as well as professional instrumentalists, singers and various ensembles. Eugenie has a particular interest in foreign languages. As a repetiteur, she coaches singers in German, Russian and French.

As an educator, Eugenie strives to nourish a love for music above all while aiming to maintain high standards in education. She has conducted a number of professional developments for young teachers lecturing on didactics, technique, memory and performance practice.