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Ethan Mestroni (Drums)

Western Sydney based drummer, Ethan Mestroni, known for his unyielding energy, brings groove and joy to every stage he graces. Ethan’s passion for drums and percussion can be felt across all genres from rock to jazz, funk to folk. Throughout a decade of professional drumming, his dynamic performances and electrifying precision have captivated audiences.

His technical ability has seen him place in the top 7 of Australia’s Best Up and Coming Drummer Competition in 2018. Since then, Ethan has gone on to share the stage at renowned festivals such as Tamworth Country Music Festival, Woodford Folk Festival and Floriade alongside a diverse array of artists, showcasing his adaptability and versatility.

When Ethan is not playing live or recording, he is enthusiastic about music education. Ethan currently holds a tutoring position at Western Sydney University which brings him great fulfilment, as he passes on his knowledge to a new generation of local artists.