PYO Testimonials
Photo / Fiora Sacco and Claire Bernoth



“My tutor was able to listen to each of us play individually and provide feedback,which I found really helpful. He provided really helpful advice on phrasing and expression.”

“I thought it was great that we were able to continue rehearsing despite the circumstances and I still learnt a lot from the experience even though we couldn’t play as a group.”

“The recording gave me something to look forward to and motivated me to practice more.”

“It was worthwhile because I learnt a lot about the stylistic expression of this piece of music.”

“Recording the music with the backing track was a useful thing to do, I think, especially for the future. Learning how to conduct was also extremely useful.”



“My children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and my husband and I were very pleased with how the whole weekend went. The condensed dates [were] a bonus and we are happy to have the remaining Sundays of term 1 off to practice for music exams.”

“It was a fantastic program. My daughter really enjoyed herself. She was so fortunate to have Rosamund for a tutor at the PYO Academy weekend. Giulietta was very inspired over the weekend.”

“The kids viewed the 3 days as an orchestra weekend camp. They liked it better and would love to do it first and third term. It is hard to clear the weekend, but worth it. They particularly loved having time to develop friendships. They realised they could do more in the time – especially brass and wind – and would like to work on more pieces. They were exhausted but extremely happy. We are so grateful to those who put in so much work to make this opportunity possible for them.”

“A fabulous experience. So impressive!”