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Amanda Handel (Piano)

amanda handel piano teacher penrith conservatorium profile photo
In our Tutor Spotlight series, we learn a little more about the team behind the music!

Amanda is a well-established composer, performer and piano teacher. She has extensive teaching experience spanning decades with a long record of successful students working with the AMEB, ANZCA and HSC syllabi. Her objective is to awaken creativity, foster spontaneity and deepen artistry within all her students.

She is also a dedicated practitioner of the Alexander Technique which fosters healthy physical playing habits, deepens musical awareness and nurtures the innermost being of students – young and old. Amanda is an active member of the Music Teachers’ Association of NSW and regularly presents at, and attends music pedagogy conferences. She is a performer (pianist, singer, and dancer), and a composer with three CDs released. Amanda has a large catalogue of compositions which is published through Wirripang Pty Ltd. Her special area of interest is in contemporary music genres.